The Gringos need your help!!! 

Dear loyal fans, friends and family members,

The Gringos have been invited to perform a special concert this fall (October 8) on Cape Cod.  This is an important event for the band, as it will help further the band’s return to performing on a regular basis.

In order for The Gringos to accept this invitation to perform, the band needs to raise $10,000, for necessary expenses; to fly five members of the band back to Cape Cod; allowance for all the bands meals while the band attends a weeks-worth of rehearsals; provide transportation from Boston to the Cape and back, plus move the band and all of their equipment from the rehearsal site to the performance venue and back again.

Currently the details are being finalized on the event itself and as soon as the information becomes available we will open that up to everyone so those who live in the area can begin to make plans to attend the show.

For now, we are asking for your support.  Because time is of the essence, we must have all the funding in place by Labor Day (September 4) or the band won’t be able to commit to this show.  That is why it’s so important to act as soon as possible.

We have come up with some interesting incentive prizes to consider as a reward for donating to our cause.

A donation of:

$1,000.00 – An evening with The Gringos; enjoy a lobster dinner with the band and get to know the members. (Only 4 invitations are available for this event)

$500.00 – Attend a rehearsal with The Gringos as they prepare for this upcoming concert. (Because of limited space there is only enough room to accommodate 4 guests.)

$250.00 – You will receive a two of tickets to attend the concert. (There are 10 pairs available)

$150.00 – To be determined

$100.00 – To be determined

Until then, the band looks forward to seeing many of you this fall.

Sincerely yours,
The Gringos

Jim Miller
Joe Vaughn
Alan Harkrader
Donna Byrd
Clyde Score
Tyler (Ty) Newcomb
Lynn (Bush) Tivens
Ralph Score

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