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Fall 2019

This video tells the story of the song, One Good Reason, that Jim wrote in 1974-75 that ended up becoming two completely different songs with the same lyrics, and both songs were produced by award-winning producers, Tommy "Snuff" Garrett, Steve Dorff,  with the United Artists version, and Billy Williams with the remake of the original version.

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We wanted to make mention of some new photographs that recently surfaced from a club the band played in Milwaukee Called the Attic West.  These photos are from Cathy Powers and her girlfriend Margo Spielman. 

Look for this collection of 14 photos, in the Gallery section of this site.

Cathy on the left Margo on the right

The Gringos first Album Now on Amazon  Echo

You can now listen to the original songs of The Gringos from their first Album on Amazon's Echo system.  Several the band sold the publishing to the original songs to a record company in Arizona called Ferver Records.  They have managed to place three of these songs in a cable television show "The Americans" an Internet show "Get Shorty" and a movie "Joshie."  Now you can listen to these songs on your Amazon Echo just by asking Alexa to play songs by The Gringos and she will shuffle the seven original songs so you can listen to them.

Have fun listening to these songs and tell all of your friends too!

Bush Meets Katy Perry at SAA Event in Anaheim

Charles Johnston, President and CEO of Select Artist Assoc. Produced an event at Anaheim Stadium that featured Katy Perry on July 29, 2017.  Charlie invited Lynn (Bush) and his guest to come to the stadium and meet Katy Perry and see her show.  Here are the official photos from the Meet and Greet.  Lynn (Bush) brought his good friend Mike Garson who was David Bowie's pianist for over 40 years. 

Katy Perry and Lynn (Bush) Tivens
Charles Johnston organizes the Katy Perry Meet and Greet

Its happened again, in April, Alan Harkrader received notice from, that he had won another song writing award, this time in the County Music category.  This is an amazing turn of events.  After years of struggling as a song writer, to win back to back awards is a mile stone achievement.    Here is the the video for the award winning song, Dancin' With Jack

It is with great pleasure that we formally congratulate Alan Harkrader on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Blues Song for ‘I'm Home Alone (And I'm In Bad Company)’ in the March 2017 Akademia Music Awards! This is an important achievement.  

Below is the link to visit the website that has all of the Akademia information.  You can also hear Alan's Award Winning Blues song there. 

Alan is also featured this month in the Phoenix edition of Senior Directory.  Use the link below to go to the Senior Directory.  The Story appears on Page 108 and 109

Katy Perry with Rock Icon Mike Garson
Charlie directs Katy Perry

Alan Harkrader - Dancin' With Jack

     Jim has been working on preparing tracks for the recording project  the  band will begin working on.  Last June, three new songs were put  together and the band premiered them during our webcast show.  Jim wants to record those songs and work has already begun on the basic tracks.  Jim will be working with Joe on the guitar parts and Jim should have the horn arrangements completed soon.

     Joe has taken on the task of learning slide guitar.  Something a lot of guitar players think they know something about but really know very little.  Joe mentioned  that he was learning the techniques from several great slide guitar players and has picked up some valuable tools for playing this style of guitar.  

          Bush has completed 4 solo albums and is working on his fifth.  Here's a sample to take a look at.  Bush is performing You Only Live Twice in this video.  Check out some of the songs from his first CD's. They are posted below for your enjoyment. Feel free to share them with your friends and family.

Bush in his studio.  

You Only Live Twice

This Masquerade

Ue o Muit e Aruko (also know as) Sukiyaki

And I Love Her

          Clyde is one of the hardest working members of the band.  Not only does Clyde teach a full load of private students, but he also teaches class at the Yavapai Community College.


          Clyde also works two days a week on the Grand Canyon Railway.  The train begins in Williams, AZ and ends at The Grand Canyon National Park.  With all of this, Clyde still manages to find time to book other gigs with his Arizona Review.  

         Clyde and Alan play shows together and will be working on recording the new tracks for the new Gringos EP in the coming weeks.

          This year's Southern Arizona Independent Film Festival was a huge success.  Still waiting to get all of the final totals on the attendance and the amount of films screened this year.


          Ralph is one of the directors at the television station in Wilcox, AZ and his duties run from planning out  and televising all of the sporting events for the local high school to broadcasting all of the local civic events in the city of Wilcox.

Donna Byrd has been taking care of her elderly mother which can be a full  time job in and of itself.  She is also looking forward to more work with the band and welcomes the chance to lend her voice to the new Gringos recordings.

         Tyler (Ty) keeps busy working in the security business, where he has been one of the top sales people selling and installing security systems for homes and businesses.  But Ty keeps his chops in fine form as he also heads up the Cape Cod Community College Big Band, which is currently in rehearsal for their upcoming Spring Concert.

            Ty also plays with several other bands on Cape Cod and can't wait to get The Gringos back together and performing again. Here are a few clips of some of Ty's most recent performances, beginning with Winter Waltz, a beautiful jazz waltz 




            Here is a recent video performance of Ty doing a recreation a Chet Baker Jerry Mulligan chart.  


Winter Waltz - Mike Garvan & Tyler Newcomb
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