Once upon a time...

Jim Miller (lead trumpet player, arranger and all around great guy), had a vision to bring forth a musical group with a different kind of presentation and style.  This new musical group, called The Gringos, was originally stylized after the Tijuana Brass.  Jim set out to not only improve upon this musical statement, but to create a much more all encompassing musical experience.

The band started in 1963-64 while Jim was still in high school.  In those very early days of the band, the many different members that populated the group were all still in school and weren't as serious about The Gringos as Jim was.  The band's personnel didn't solidify until that fateful day in April of 1970 when Jim Miller, along with Donna Byrd (lead vocals), invited Steve Jones (bass &  lead vocals), Clyde Score (Drums & lead vocals) and Lynn (Bush) Tivens (trombone, vocals, & rhythm instruments)  to become members of the band.  Two additional members from that first encounter, Ramon Acevedo (Trumpet) and John Tatum (guitar & vocals), rounded out the band.

The group headed to Colorado in the summer of 1970 to learn to play and perform together.  During that summer Alan Harkrader (keyboards, lead vocals, guitar, & horns) was added to the band and Joe Vaughn (lead guitar & lead vocals) replaced John Tatum.

In December of 1970 Ramon decided to leave the band and return to Phoenix, Arizona.  That set the stage for Tyler (Ty) Newcomb (Trumpet and vocals) to join the band. This became the band that fans grew to love and enjoy.


Now after more than 3 decades of inactivity prepare for the return of The Gringos!


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