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Appear in a Gringos Video

All you have to do to participate to be in a Gringos Video, is visit The Gringos Merch Shop (Below) and select one of the fine designs we have available and in the style of clothing you want.  Then take a photo of you wearing your new Gringos attire and send it to us at

Make sure you hold your camera horizontally (landscape mode) as it will create a better picture for the video we are producing.

If the band receives more submissions than there is room for in the song Merch, we will include the remainder of the photos for future music videos the band will be making, until we have used all the photographs.  So your picture will be included in a music video.  
Because of the limited space available, we ask that you please only submit one photo per email address.

The Gringos Merch Shop

Now you can order items from the Gringos Merch shop.  Each order is made especially for you.

There are some cool things planned for the near future so make sure you are subscribed, pick up some Gringos gear, and wear it proudly... 

Click on this link:


Women's T-shirt Can't Add Nuthin to The Blues Artwork by "Poof" aka Kat Vaughn

Iconic Gun Fighter - Go for it! Logo
Representing the band's brand.  Artwork by Clyde Score.

These are just a few examples of what is available in The Gringos Merch Shop.  Visit the store and see all of the designs and the different fashion options available.

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